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How I got my mojo back

It turns out that studying while looking after an eight-month-old baby and a three-year-old is hard.

I don’t think my sleep-deprived brain had fully realised the impact of what I was about to do until I was immersed in the Digital Mums course.

During the application and interview process I had been warned that I would need to dedicate up to 15 hours a week to the live learning programme, but that didn’t faze me.

I was used to working long hours and making tight deadlines before I’d started maternity leave with my second child so this would be easy, right?

I would work when my daughter napped and while my son was at nursery for two days a week, and the rusty cogs rattling around inside my head would fire up the old grey matter, turning it into a well-oiled machine.

Only, it wasn’t like that.

My daughter didn’t always nap, and when she did I was so tired from only having had three hours of broken sleep the night before that I would grab what precious shuteye I could.

So the evenings became my time to work. I would crack open the laptop at 8pm after the kids were in bed and get to it.

I’m not going to say it was easy.

By that time of the evening I was so tired that I found it difficult to concentrate on what I was doing.

I would stare at my screen until I could no longer see straight, go to bed around midnight, and then start the whole process again the next day.

But, do you know what? It was good for me.

I had started to lose my mojo after having my daughter and my confidence in my ability to do my job, any job, had hit rock bottom.

I’d loved my staff job as a journalist but fitting it around one child had been hard.

My bosses were as flexible as they could be, but the unpredictability of it meant that if I was to sustain the same level of work, it would be detrimental to my time with my children.

Someone had mentioned Digital Mums on a parents’ forum and when I looked them up something clicked and I knew the course was for me.

I started in January, handed my notice in when my maternity leave came to an end in April, and finished the course at the beginning of July.

User personas, metrics, analytics and KPIs were all new to me and there was a lot of information to take in.

But by the end of the course I had written and run a live campaign for a business and learned so much more about the versatility of social media.

Not only does social media management complement my journalism and copywriting background but completing the Digital Mums course has given me the confidence boost I needed when I felt that my brain had turned to mush.

I start with a new client this week and I am very excited for what the future now holds.

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