Days off and train mojitos

31 MARCH 2016

It’s funny what constitutes time off for me these days.
The prospect of long, lazy lie-ins, a leisurely breakfast while reading the paper and an afternoon trip to the pub seem to be at the end of a very long tunnel which I am expected to emerge from in about 18 years’ time.
In fact, these days are now so alien to me that they feel like they happened to an entirely different person many years ago.
So last week, when I had my first child-free day since the birth of our daughter 10 months ago, I embraced my liberty by booking on to a social media conference in London and catching the train at 7.20am.
What I would have once regarded as a chore had me skipping out of the door at 6.45am with thoughts of uninterrupted cups of coffee and newspaper reading at the forefront of my mind.
My alarm went of at 5.40am, my daughter woke about five seconds later which meant I had changed a poo-filled nappy and fed her before showering.
I left the house at the time I had planned on getting the train; but I didn’t care because I was on my own, walking around, without holding on to the hand of my three-year-old, or pushing a buggy, or trying to find the nearest public loo before my son had an accident.
I am currently half way through a course with Digital Mums where, upon qualifying, I will be a social media manager. I am hoping to work this around my children and freelance journalism.
The conference was called Social Day, and while some of it sounded like a sales pitch (there was a woman who talked for half an hour about how she had quit her job at a bank after taking on 60 clients in 60 days using Periscope, without telling the room what it was she had actually done), there were a lot of inspiring speakers who imparted useful information.
I eventually left London just before 8pm and indulged in a train mojito on my journey home.
It was great to have a day away from the kids although I missed them of course.
But next time I’ve got some time off I think I might try something more relaxing, like going for a swim or getting my hair done.

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